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Having a car at your beck and call allows you to travel when and where you like. You don't have to worry about catching the bus or finding the best train route to your destination; you can simply get in the car and go.

This can be especially helpful if you want to venture away from tourist spots. While England offers some beautiful landmarks, truly seeing the countryside is a great way to experience the country for yourself.

Small British towns offer traditional meals and authentic experiences that you can only get to when you have your own transportation. Another great thing about hiring a car in England is that you have privacy. On holiday, privacy is a cherished thing.

While you want to soak up local culture, sometimes you just want to have peace and quiet during your transport. A car hire in England will allow you to travel without too much noise and without being surrounded by strangers at every turn. This can make your vacation seem much more fun. You can mingle with people while you're out, but travelling alone or with people you know can often be a more fun way to go.

England is a large country and as such the weather can differ from county to county. Generally speaking bring jackets and warm clothing in autumn and winter. Lighter clothing during the summer months.

England is part of the United Kingdom with the main currency being the great British Pound Sterling.

The main language spoken here is English.

The main voltage here is 240V by using a three pin plug. Adapters can be used if you bring along your own appliances.

Business Hours:
Normal shop and banks opening hours are from 0900 till 1700 - Monday to Friday. Weekend hours vary from city to town.

Useful Numbers:
999 for dialing emergency services
+44 for dialling into the country