What Types Of ID Is Required?


A question which is often asked from potential renters is what type of identification is required when they arrive at the UK branches to collect their rental cars.

Once you have booked your car hire over the web. An email will be sent to you outlining all of your terms and conditions which are attached to the rental vehicle.

Flying Into The UK

Anyone travelling into the UK will normally require to produce their passport, driving license and credit card and also their voucher in order to collect their car.

All the documents will require to be in the name of the main driver.

Any additional drivers travelling to the UK will also require ID themselves before they will be able to be added to the rental agreement. The ID will be the same as the driver. Passport and driving license.

Sometimes car hire firms ask to see a return flight ticket.

Already In The UK

A list of conditions will stated on the confirmation.

Generally speaking , drivers will require : passport, driving license , credit card and two separate forms of ID as well as your voucher number.

Normally the rental staff will require to view two separate ID's which are proof of address.

1. a bank statement or card statement.
2. A utility bill - gas, water, electricity

The bills must be current and dated within the last two months prior to your pick up date. The bills must be original copies not electronic copies.

Bills which are not acceptable are council tax and mobile phones.

Another condition for some car hire companies is that the driver will require to pass a security check.

Before you collect your rental car in the UK. Double check your booking confirmation/voucher for ID required to collect your vehicle as each car hire supplier has their own set of rules.