What Type Of Winter Accessories Do I Need For Car Hire?

snow plough truck

Anyone heading to the slopes this year will ask the question above. What type of winter accessories do I need to think about when renting a car in Europe this winter?

There are a few items which are necessary and required by law in some of the European Countries. While others are just for for your peace of mind and a good night's sleep.

Most popular items tend to be ski racks, snow chains, winter tyres and anti freeze.

When renting a car online check to see if you can pre-order your special equipment when booking your rental car at the same time. A ski rack with Enterprise for example collecting a car hire from Basel Airport in Switzerland will cost you around 59 Swiss Francs for the rental which can hold up to around 6 pairs of skis and room for the ski poles also.

Remember that any special equipment which is ordered at the same time as your booking is on request only and is to be paid locally on arrival.


Any renter wishing to add anti-freeze to the car while out on rent. Will be able to ask for this treatment on arrival. Normally the liquid will cover a distance of over 500 Kilometres and can be added to your tank on request. This liquid treatment will prevent the engine from freezing when temperatures go below zero. A good winter fuel policy recommended by the specialists.

Snow chains

They are perfect for driving in the snow which often happens in Europe during the winter months, normally between November and March. Sometimes the branch will have the snow chains fitted for you on arrival.

Call ahead and check with the branch otherwise a good idea would be to try and practise fitting then at home if you can before you head to colder climates. Depending on where you are travelling to around Europe in the winter . The snow chains may not be suitable for your journey.

Here is a good link from the AA which show you how to fit snow chains.

Winter tyres are a great idea for when you are travelling around Europe during the long winter months. Most of the European roads will often be a lot more difficult to drive than the UK due to the types of weather they encounter. The winter snow drifts in Europe and in some parts of the USA during the cold months would be very difficult to driving in if the winter tyres where not fitted. Most of the locals in the country you will be driving around will most certainly have them fitted as the norm. Sometimes there are legal requirements to take into consideration about what vehicles should be kitted out with during the winter time.Always double check before you head off on your holidays about the rules for driving around each country you are intending visiting during your stay in Europe. Some of the countries laws and rules vary and what is required in one country may not be necessary or required in another.

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