What Is Car Rental Insurance Coverage?

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This is a good question often asked by renters.

What is an excess or a deductible and how does the system work?

Car Rental Insurance Coverage

Each car hire firm have their own terms and conditions. Depending on a number or variables the excess can differ from £100 upwards to a region over £1000.

The easiest way to find out how much your excess will cost you. Is by heading over to our bluewheels website and then select "rental conditions". After you have selected the link a list of vehicle rental terms will show next to the car.

Any renter who wishes to arrange excess cover with insurance for car hire can do so by following he following links.

Daily Cover - or Annual Cover

Scroll down the page until you find the paragraph describing the insurance coverage section of the rental. A lot of the rentals include CDW which often confuses drivers as they often ask themselves do I need an excess policy if my rental includes CDW.

The answer is Yes.

CDW is known as Collision Damage Waiver. Often our friends from America and Canada have a contract with their credit card which covers them in the US and Canada for any damage to the car. In the UK the rules are different and potential customers will need to double check with their credit card companies before declining any deductible. They will be then be liable for the cost of replacing the whole car and not just the deductible amount.

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There are many different options to consider before purchasing any policies.
Ask yourself:
1. Do I need cover for tyres?
2. Do I need windscreen cover?
3. Do I need personal injury cover?
4. Do I need glasses cover?
5. Do I need theft protection?
6. Where do I buy any policies?

Just remember that the excess amount is frozen on the driver's credit card. The deductible is only released when the vehicle is returned undamaged back to the branch. Please keep this in mind when renting a car as you will need to have both amounts on your card limit when renting. ( rental costs and excess amount).

There are a number of ways in which you can purchase insurance for your hired car.

1. Online at the same time as when booking
2. At the branch upon arrival
3. Online before you travel via an agency

1. At the end of your booking on the last page. An option will appear to find out if you require additional insurance policies. This will show on a pop out page before you continue with your booking. You can decide at this point if you require the extra add ons or if you wish to purchase the policies later after thinking over the choices.

2. A good thing to bear in mind is that when you arrive at the branch, is that the hire staff are paid on commission for each insurance sale they make. Our advice is do your homework before you arrive into the airport after a long haul flight. As this is when you are at your most vulnerable being tired after a long flight.

Write down what you need in the way of an insurance policy and how much this will cost you after you have added the amounts together. Check around for the best prices and find out if you really need each of the polices offered.

3.A good alternative is to wait and research your car hire before you arrive to collect your rental car. It is not too late at this stage to arrange any insurance policies through an agency such as insurance 4 car hire. Remember that bluewheels is an agent for this company and will receive a small commission similar to branch staff.

There are a lot of pros and cons with an excess. Read up on each policy and decide if this is worth investing your money. It is worth bearing in mind that the rental companies will hold onto your deposit until the accident claim has been settled regardless of who is to blame.

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