This Week’s Tuesday Car Rental Tips

This Week's Tuesday Car Rental Tips

First tip of the day:
Don't flash the cash as the saying goes. Try and blend in with the locals if you can and don't openly show large amounts of cash or flashy jewellery around when out and about.

second Tip of the day:

Remember when you are leaving or arriving by car hire at any airport, 

Doesn't matter whether the terminal is in the UK or overseas. Traffic tends to be busy at certain times of the day.

Peak times in the UK are normally between 7 till 9 in the morning with rush hour in the evening between 4 till 7. Plan to arrive at the airport with added on time during rush hour which will prevent you from missing your flight.

Third Tip of the day:
I like lists as I often forget to pack things if I don't make a list at least a week before I travel.
I normally add items to the list as I go along the week.