Volvo Supplies Uber’s Driver less Cars


Autonomous cars are going to become part of our reality in the next few years.

Meanwhile other news from the travel industry is car hire from the UK and globally can be booked online through Bluewheels.

Manufactoring company Volvo has decided to become part of this ever growing market by siging a deal to supply the firm Uber with cars which will be compatible for the automomous age for two years from 2019 until 2021.

Two of Volvo’s models the SUV – XC60 and 90 series are being developed with the SPA technology in mind. Spokesman for the Volvo company have said the firm wishes to become part of the technologoly of the future.

They wish to become a supplier for ride sharing AD vehicles worldwide.

Along with developing the ride sharing technology Volvo also plans to introduce their own driverless cars by 2021.

Exciting times in the car industry market.