Unpaid speeding offences in the UK

NX police speedcamera

A recent report by the Institute of Advanced Motorists has said that speeding offences comitted on the UK highways and roads can't be traced due to the vehicle not being registered in the UK. The drivers stay overseas in Europe outside Britain.

The report suggests that around 23,000 offences occurred since the beginning of January 2013. The figures were released due to the freedom of information act in England and Wales.

The biggest offences are in and around the London area mainly M25 in Kent, A3 in Surrey and A31 in Hampshire.

Keep in mind when you are travelling to the Great Britain and renting a vehicle from any of the UK depots.

How does this effect car rental vehicles.

Even although you may not be a resident of the United Kingdom. The car hire firms are sent traffic offence fines to their head office by the police.

The road traffic department will then contact you with a notice of unpaid fines and also an admin charge for this service.Instructions on how to pay the offence will be included within the letter.

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