UK Driving Licenses To Be Revamped

white piece of paper with driver license permit written at top and a pair of car keys

From early 2015 the DVLA which is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will start to withdraw the paper part of each photo card license.

As yet the car hire industry is unsure how this will impact their branches. The queues to collect rental cars may increase due to extra checks that may be required as the driver will not have their paper license to show the airport  branch staff.

The reason the UK Government wish to with draw the paper part of each new license and tax discs is to cut through red tape. The sophisticated way cameras are placed around each area of our towns and cities means that a lot of the traditional work carried out by hand can now be monitored by cameras.

The experts say that around ten million car hires are successful in the UK with low cost from the car rental companies to the drivers. The present system allows each branch member to check the licenses by hand without the need for computers.

Each year the car hire industry has certain busy times with the example of Christmas and New Year and Easter and School Holidays. The increase waiting time to check out a vehicle plus the possibility of the car hire firms passing any increase onto the driver may not go down too well with any potential customers.

At present the rule only applies to new driving licenses or anyone renewing their driving license. Lets hope the transition is smooth and low in numbers to start with so they can iron out any niggles before the new system covers all licenses