Trekkie Alex Salmond barred at Heathrow Airport

Alex Salmond MP

Alex Salmond, former leader of the Scottish National Party, was travelling back to Scotland from London Heathrow airport and was barred from his flight.

Salmond, who is apparently a big Star Trek fan, booked his flight under the name of James Kirk (captain of USS Enterprise in the TV series Star Trek).

This caused a problem at the airport when his British Airways airline ticket name did not correspond with the name on his passport.

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The senior politician had to make a series of phone calls before being allowed to board his flight.

Mr Salmond normally travels from London City or Gatwick airport where staff are apparently aware of this pseudonym being used by him.

He reportedly told the Mail on Sunday that now his cover had been blown, he normally used the name for security reasons, he would have to come up with another name, but not Spock as that would be illogical.

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