Top 5 Tips For Driving In Spain

black and white parking sign with reserved wheelchair spaces (isolated on white background)

1. Drive on the Right

2. Emergency numbers are 112

3. Seat-belts - Compulsory

4. Speed limits - motorway - 75 MPH, open road - 56 MPH, built up areas - 31 MPH

5. Hand held devices are illegal behind the wheel including being parked at the side of the road.

Click here to read more on what is legal while driving around the beautiful country of Spain.

Many renters from the UK are not 100 percent sure of all the Spanish laws when they hire a car on holiday.
Anyone wishing to pick up a compact vehicle from anywhere in Spain including the popular airports such as Alicante and Malaga. Will be best to read over the general advise on the page before arriving at the rental desk.