Top 5 Driving Do’s in France

France map and flag

1. Do pack one unused Breathalyser

2. Do pack a Triangle

3. Remember No child under 10 years allowed in front seat

4. Remember don't drink and drive . Strict Drink - Drinking limits in France.

5. Do remember and keep head-lights dipped at all times

France is ideal for driving around in as this is the easiest route to Europe from the UK.

Yet not a lot of drivers from Britain know a great deal about the driving laws in France according to one latest poll.

Head over to this website for more details.

There are various situations to consider , when driving around France including:

1. Tolls
2. ring roads around Paris
3. Parking
4. Fines
5. Speed Cameras

Read up before you collect your luxury rental car from the South of France or any of the airports.