Tomorrows Cities


Stockholm in Sweden has quietly gone about its business in accumulating around 7 million euros from Europe in preparation of becoming a leader in becoming a smart green city.

City news from the UK : car hire from Gatwick Airport can be booked online after landing from Sweden.

They are leading by example and are hoping that other European cities will soon follow their example. The word “SMART” has become synopsis when using modern technology to advance the A.I. systems in our homes, cars and work stations.

They are reusing heat which has been used and redirecting this to other resources. Example : redirecting the heating used from a football stadium to reheat shops, homes and even restaurants.

With the help of gamers they are now looking at visualising a new city by the sea and how best to use the resources for the community. Residents are able to look at the computer and the 3D images and imagine living in the area. By tweaking the designs on the screen , residents can add or withdraw certain services in their home town before any builders move in and redesign the road network for example.