Tips For Christmas Car Hire

green background merry christmas card with a snowman

The secret to car hire is to book early. The best deals are available before each busy season starts. Next busy festival season on the calender is Christmas and New Year.

Unlike the rest of the holidays, whereby the holidays are spread out throughout the summer or spring months. The Christmas festivities are one day on the 25 December and one day at New Year which is January 1.

Nearly everyone I know loves this holiday as it often means heading home to family and loved ones and spending some quality time with each other.

Unfortunately this also means that lots of passengers landing at various airports around the world. Often meaning that the biggest number of passengers come through the doors of the arrivals into various terminals mostly over two or three days around the 25 December.

A good tip would be for one adult to wait in the queue for the luggage at the carousal and the driver to wait in the queue at the car rental desk. By the time the luggage has arrived hopefully the car hire will be all sorted before the big rush sets in from the plane.

ID which needs to be packed for car hire is passport, credit card, driving license and booking reference number.

Please be patient when in the car hire queue as you can imagine nearly half the passengers on your plane will all be heading to the desk.

Think carefully about how many passengers you will need to fit into the rental vehicle and also luggage space at this time of year.

When arriving at the UK or most European Airports, the weather will more likely be cold and possibly snowing. Wrap up warm and remember the extra layers you will need to pack such as jumpers or hoodies. This will add to your luggage limit and also may restrict the car you will be booking due to the extra suitcases.

Think realistically. If you have 5 passengers with luggage and buggy and Christmas presents to ferry from the airport to your in-laws. Then don't try and squeeze everyone into a small mini car ask for an estate or a people carrier or MPV or SUV . This will save a lot of arguments at the airport with your other half after a long flight.

Each additional driver will also need to produce ID at the rental desk before they can be added onto your agreement form. Remember this can be done locally not at the airport if your additional driver does not arrive with you.

Good deals are normally purchased by October although some deals are still available until mid November. Some deals may include GPS, additional driver or free car seat rentals.

Once December arrives it would appear that nearly everyone jumps straight to Christmas mode and this is when the cars start to sell out fast and only the expensive ones are left to book.

​Ideally once your flights are booked then try and remember to book car hire also which will save you money in the long run.