Tips For Car Hire

ford fairmont car retro

Number one:
An up to date photograph of your child is a great idea to have with on your holiday in the event they become seperated from you.

Parents will have a recent photo to show the authorities.

Number Two:
The value of currency changes all the time.  When you holiday destination currency is at its peak that is the time to exchange.  For example the euro at the moment is giving tourists more euro for each pound they send : £1 = euro 1.34.

This is the highest the exchange has been in years.

Anyone who has savings and is going to Europe can change some currency now.

Number Three:
Yesterday at Edinburgh Airport there was a large number of security staff off sick which meant only one x ray machine was working at security.

At one point passengers were stopped from going through security due to the lack of staff which caused long delays and missed flights.

Advice would be to check ahead to your airport which you are departing from to find out if there are any known delays,

Another piece of advise would be to arrive early to avoid the queues and possible delays.