Throwback to 1960’s Seaside Holidays


Long before the package holiday to Spain became popular with the Brits. Everyone used to head to the local seaside resort with their sandwiches and drinks.

Families would also pack a bucket and spade with perhaps a sailing boat for the children to play on the paddling pond or play the games on the vintage arcade games.

Another popular attraction would be the donkeys and possibly a puppet show.

This was all a thing of the past during the 1970’s when the package holiday to Spain arrived.

Everyone wanted to try something new and the attraction of sunny weather persuaded
the Brits to travel to Europe.

Anyone wishing to take a trip back to yesteryear can do so at an

exhibition opening up this week at the South Shields Museum

You can take a trip down memory lane and look over the nostalgic postcards and photos
of years gone by.

This time round though your car will probably not be loaded with children and their