Stansted Airport Reaches 22 Million Passenger Milestone

Stansted Airport Image

Stansted Airport reaches a 22 million passenger milestone and it
hopes to surpass this record in 2016.

The chiefs at Stansted Airport hope as they move forward in 2016
to setting a new record and surpassing passenger numbers of
22 million they will move closer to being able to offer long
haul schedule flights.

Stansted airport is serving more than 2 million passengers
per month for five months in a row, the first time since 2008.

Directors at Stansted hope that if the 15.8 percent year on year
growth could not be sustained they will still beat 23.9 million
record that was set in 2007 sometime in 2016.

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Mark Souter, the business development head at Stansted airport
explained that a huge amount of work has been going on at the
airport and a great influence on this has been the takeover
by the Manchester Airport Group [MAG]. Their influence is not
limited to business development but also improvements in the
experience and infrastructure at Stansted airport.

He further stated that filled seats indicates the strength of the
region and passenger are returning to the airport.

MAG has been pouring money into making improvements at
the terminal and they are growing fast said Souter, and passengers
are enjoying a good experience. He said so far they have only
spent only half of the £260 million they intend to spend over
the next 5 years.

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