Stansted Airport Increases UK Economic Contribution

Stansted Airport Group of School Children

Information released by the Manchester Airports
Group [MAG] indicates that the Group made and an
increase in the financial contribution their airports
have made to the UK economy and their surrounding
communities. They say that they have also reduced
significantly their environmental impact.

They have explained that Stansted’s growth
over the next 15 years will provide much needed
airport capacity for the South of England. It will
support employment and economic development
in the East of England and London area.

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The group have stated that in addition to this
growth they significantly reduce the
environmental impact the airports make.

Whilst the number of passengers catered for
by the group has increased to 48.5 million, an
increase of 10.7 percent, it has managed to
reduce carbon emissions year on year by
16 percent using increased investment in
energy investment.

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