Smart Nation Singapore Proposals


The Singapore nation are hoping to become the First Smart Nation in the world.

Around 4 million commuters access the network of buses which travel around the capital. Plans are in the works to make their journey more enjoyable with the introduction of wifi and interactive maps along with e books.

Meanwhile back in the UK , drivers will be able to use public transport around London or rent a UK car hire from Marble Arch.

Data from the Land Transport Authority shows programmers the speed of each bus and how many passengers are aboard by using the data from GPS.

In hospitals as well the use of technology is increasing by using video conferencing after the initial diagnostic in hospital. The video links will offer follow up appointments and consultations will include the doctor as well as the pharmacist. This is a bold move which will cut down on appointment times and patients needing to travel for hospital appointments.

The small nation is trying to keep their dream afloat by introducing technology into every part of their residents life which include : jobs, salaries, health and innovation.

Good luck to them in creating a smart nation future.