Portugal’s Airport Car Hire Fee

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From the 1st of March this year. Drivers will be paying an extra 15 Euro to collect their rental cars from Portuguese Airports.

Lisbon, Faro and Oporto will start to charge this fee which is being enforced by the Portuguese Airport Authority...

Currently the charge will only apply to mainland Portugal however the ANA are thinking seriously about charging drivers in the islands of the Azores and Madeira for collecting their vehicles from both of the islands.

Car hire firms are saying this will be an unpopular charge as drivers are currently paying for toll fees which have been introduced to drive across the main A22 route in the Algarve.

As the Algarve relies heavily on tourism in the Algarve region as well as the islands. Tourists may consider going elsewhere due to the price charges levied against them if they feel they are not receiving value for money in Portugal.