Plastic Roads?

plastic roads

Who would have thought that the idea of plastic roads would come to pass.

This novel idea is being tried out by a number of different councils in a bid to try and reduce household waste and increase the length of time that the roads can last without the need to be refilled due to potholes.

Here in Lockerbie , Scotland a pilot idea is being put to the test on a farm by the owner Toby McCartney.

Meanwhile you will be able to drive your car hire UK from Bluewheels along the motorways of Great Britain.

He wants to solve two big problems which affects all the countries around the world. The increase use of plastic and how to rid the world of this problem and at the same

time how to improve the roads up and down all the countries. As an engineer he remembered his time in India where locals would pour plastics into potholes and burn them to try and resolve the pothole problem.

Mr McCartney thought he would try this at home in his business. Read his success story here.