New Passport App For EasyJet

app for your mobile

A new app from Easy Jet airline being introduced will allow passengers who own smart phones to download an app. This new app will allow them to scan their electronic passports onto a new scanning facility on their smart phones.

This new service will allow passengers to arrange all their airline check-ins on their smart phones. Anyone who owns a IOS and Android can now do all the usual check in and book flights and now board flights with this new app.

The app is being trialled at the moment throughout London Luton , Gatwick and Paris Airports. Don't worry as Easy Jet have placed lots of helpful markers and messages at each airport to help passengers. Taking the term hands free to a higher level.

What does this mean for passengers wishing to collect car hire when they arrive at their destination?

Car rental companies still require to see your original paper passport as part of your ID when you arrive at the airport branch, along with a credit card and your driving license.

Don't forget that hotels in Europe will also request to photocopy your original passport upon check in.

This means that passengers will still for the moment still need to bring their original passport with them on holiday if they wish to rent a car or check into a hotel.

Great news for anyone travelling with Easy Jet as they are the first airline to introduce this service and we wish them well in their pilot scheme.

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