New London BMW Car Hire Scheme

car with love hearts smoke

From early next year 2015. Anyone wishing to rent a car in London,UK will be able to hire a small BMW car similar to a i3 electric vehicle.

BMW is joining forces with Sixt to operate a scheme similar to the Bike scheme which is in place just now around the streets of the capital.

The company are aiming to set up a new subscription scheme named DriveNow. Drivers pay a small fee to rent a car from around the streets of London which may work out cheaper than catching a cab or a black hackney taxi via an app through their smart phone.

The BMW company already operate a similar successful scheme in France and intend to launch the new venture with just over 1000 cars leading up to expanding to 6000 over the next few years in the capital.

We wish them well in their new joint venture.

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