Do You Need Insurance?

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Insurance For Car Hire

When you collect your car from any of the UK branches for example Southampton Airport . The staff will ask you if you wish to take out an extra insurance policy against break down or break in while you have their car out on rent.

There are a number of different ways to tackle this predicament. Firstly , you will be asked by the staff if you wish to purchase any of their policies to help reduce the costs of any excess.

An excess is the amount of money each driver is liable for should an accident occur or if the car is written off. This amount normally starts at around £500 and is held on each driver’s credit card until the vehicle is returned undamaged. The deductible is then unfrozen from your card.

When arriving at the branch , please remember that staff will receive a commission for each sale they achieve. Think carefully before purchasing any policies as you may not need them for your trip.

There are a number of choices for renters.
1. Decline any excess
2. Purchase a policy from the branch
3. Purchase a policy online
Place the excess on your card provided the card holder agrees as in the case of Americans

Normally breakdown cover is included in the cost of your rental. Double check at the time of booking or certainly upon arrival that the cover is included. Always best to check before driving off from the forecourt what is included in your rental.

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Drivers can decline to accept any excess waiver or deductible and run with the excess amount. This is the choice of each driver if they wish to run with or without an excess. They could run the risk of an accident and be liable for the full amount of excess. The only way to sort this out is for the insurance company to decide who is at fault and how much the cost of damage amounts to.

As with all policies , double check they are correct ones for your holiday. Some policies may wish to cover damage to windscreens, tyres , personal injury , personal accident damage and thief.

Another option is to purchase a policy online from an agent who is paid a commission once your rental is completed. Please make sure that you complete the form before you start your journey as the policy may become void if purchased after your start date.

Sometimes our American guests ask for the deductible to be wavered and held on their credit card instead of paying for the excess. The renters will almost certainly be mistaken as the credit card company normally will not allow this type of transaction outside of the US as the rules are different from the USA and the UK .

Think carefully before you purchase any policy when you rent a car. Work out which policies you require before you head off to collect your rental car. At least you will be armed with the best knowledge arriving at the desk after a long flight, very tired and brow beaten into accepting policies which you may not otherwise purchase.

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