How many people and luggage can I fit into a MPV?

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Good Question.

Renters use the following names :
MPV : multi purpose vehicle.
SUV :  Sports utility vehicle.
People Carrier

All of the above describe a vehicle which can offer space to carry 7 passengers and luggage.

Normally the minivans seat 7 people with limited space for luggage with perhaps room for 4 pieces depending on size. Not much room for prams or buggies or wheelchairs or carry on bags.

They are great for carrying seven members of one family around while on holiday or attending a family wedding.

Automatic and manual transmissions are both available to book online with Select the option which you are most comfortable with driving. In the UK manual cars are more common to rent than automatics. Heading over to GB on vacation I would advise booking an automatic car in advance as they tend to get booked up fairly quickly.

The seven seater passenger vehicles models in this car rental class tend to be Renault Espace and  Sharon both types offer a little bit leg room than the Vauxhall Zafira. In the UK renting a roof rack or trailer is not possible as part of your car hire.

Ask questions before you go ahead and book your minivan in the UK as the car models could be different from your own country. Don’t forget to book child seats or GPS or additional drivers to make your rental run a little more smoothly.

Arriving into any UK airport with your family and luggage not forgetting the favourite toys and buggies or perhaps a wheelchair can be exhausting after a long flight. The last thing you need to happen is not being able to fit everything into the vehicle you have booked.

Other options maybe to book two estate cars instead of a MPV or one smaller vehicle to fit all the luggage and extras into while renting a minivan for the passengers. Depending on the distance from the airport that you are travelling you can always rent the smaller car one way from the airport to your final destination to allow comfort for your passengers.

If this is not an option you would like to consider perhaps a larger SUV such as an 8 or 9 seater van would be a more suitable choice.

There are 9 seater vehicles which drivers can book. My family and I hired a Mercedes Viano one time we headed over to Faro Airport in Portugal for a family holiday. There was 6 of us 2 adults and 4 children. We each had a large suitcase with a carry on holdall or backpack and a buggy for the baby. We also hired 1 baby seat and 3 booster seats as the children were under 12 years. Great car , loads of rooms to fit all the luggage and buggy. Spacious inside and plenty of leg room for children and adults.

For our Canary family holiday adventure  we rented a Zafira vehicle. Tight squeeze to fit the same amount of luggage into the car so we ended up sitting with some of the cases on our knees which was not ideal. Lucky for us our hotel was only a 15 minute drive from the airport. Once we emptied the car of luggage and carry on bags there was enough room for 6 passengers to enjoy the rest of our holiday. We needed to sit with the suitcases on our knees for the return journey to the airport.

The two smallest children sat in the back two seats which was fine for them although I am not sure it would be comfortable for 2 adults to sit in the back for a long journey. This is just my opinion and experience. I would suggest comfort over budget.

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