Luxury Cars To Drive

red mini cooper.

Ask anyone what their favourite luxury cars are and they are bound to have an ready made answer for you such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini

But what if you could select a car to rent for your wedding anniversary or a special birthday or just to set off for a weekend in the country. Which realistic model would you consider to drive then by booking your car rental from Manchester Airport?

Here are just a few exotic or special cars which can be booked from Edinburgh Airport via bluewheels website. Remember you can always return your rental car to another branch other than Edinburgh Airport for a small additional fee which is added to your rental cost. I am sure you will enjoy searching the system for your special car.

Luxury Cars

Porsche cayman

This car is classed under special or exotic group when renting. Unusually on this occasion the car hire firm have said they will guarantee this car model when you go ahead and book.

Look out for this note against the car hire quote system. The majority of the time the car groups are said to be a particular model or similar. On occasions car rental companies will make a guarantee which is perfect for renting a vehicle for a special occasion like a wedding or birthday treat.

The Porsche Cayman will seat 2 people with 2 pieces of luggage and has two doors with automatic transmission and air conditioning included in the cost.

Check to find out what is included in the price. Especially items such as taxes , charges , unlimited miles and insurance cover.

Mercedes ML 320 - SUV

Enter your text here...A lovely car to drive as this type of car can sit 5 passengers with 5 pieces of luggage and has the great asset of having five doors. The vehicle is fitted with AC and has the added feature of being auto transmission with diesel fuel which makes this vehicle a lot more economical than its petrol counterpart.

Mini Cooper and Mini Countryman

Both cars are similar to the convertible with the exception of the roof stays on top as opposed to the convertible which can come down flat provided the weather is hot , sunny and dry.

BMW 3 and 5 Series
This is a sleek car for arriving in style at a wedding or very important business in which you need to impress an VIP client.

They seat 5 people with auto and AC as standard. One good feature is that they have four doors which means no one is scrambling from the back to the front door to leave the car.

Everyone has at least one favourite Mercedes where it be the A Class, E Class Convertible or SLK 350 there is one for each of you to rent.

The cars are classed as luxury vehicles or in the premium range if you fancy treating yourself. The diesels are by far the most economical of the range if you can manage to secure one when you book online or ask when you arrive at the branch if they have a diesel in stock.

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