London City Airport – Decision by Boris Stifling Growth

London City Airport Image

London City Airport [LCY] is having record growth and is likely
to reach 4.2 million passengers, this is an increase from 2014
when they had 3.65 million passengers.

Business travellers are accounting for about 60 percent of
London City Airport passengers which is being taken as
clear indicator that business travel has returned to its
former health.

London City Airport aim is to cater for the increasing demand
and still maintain excellent customer service. That is why it has
been suggested that LCY be allowed to expand which would
created an extra 1,500 jobs and £1.5 billion in economic benefit.
The airport believes to achieve this it does not need an
extra runway or to extend their current runway, it only needs
to be allowed to expand on its current facilities.

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LCY argue that if it was allowed to build 7 additional stands
for aircraft and allowed to extend the terminal building it
could provide increased capacity for the London area more than
10 years ahead of the current proposals being considered for
by the airport commission.

This would provide additional connectivity for the east of London
and ease the pressure on London Heathrow airport.

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