Is Your New Style UK Driving License Over 10 Years Old?

Illustration of a generic state driver license of a female driver identification card on isolated white background.

The new style license is required by law to be renewed every 10 years. Any driver who forgets will face a heavy fine by the police.

In the UK , there are two different types of driving licenses.

Old Style and New Style.

New Style licenses comes in two parts. Photo and paper part.

When renting a car until 2015 , drivers will need to produce both parts at the desk when collecting their vehicles.

From 2015 , the DVLA is changing the rules and withdrawing the paper part of your license, making the photo card part of the license the only valid part required by law. In the event of written endorsements against you.

Old Style is a paper part only of your license. Current procedure is that the old style license is valid until you reach 70 then you need to renew your license at this birthday and every three after this birthday.

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