Impact of VW Emission Crisis on Electric Car Popularity

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The impact of the emission fixing scandal of the Volkswagen
car maker could end up costing VW 10 billion euros or more.

This could have a further impact on how major cities treat
diesel vehicles. Paris has already plans in place to ban diesel
cars from the year 2020.

Also, London’s new zone for ultra low emission cars will try
to stop the dirty diesels from driving through the centre of
London. This could be followed by other cities.

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It is likely that tougher regulation will be put in place
to test emissions of vehicles and vehicle makers could
be required to clean up their diesel vehicles, hence making
them more expensive and less popular.

Diesels account for about 50% of the car market in Europe
which contrast greatly from other major markets.
Europe has in reality subsidised diesel vehicles. This has
slowed down the move away to electric and hybrid vehicles.

There is now good chance that crisis involving VW and
diesel car emissions could now promote the use
of electric and hybrid cars.

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