How Much Luggage Does A Passat Hold?


When drivers are booking their autumn special car hire UK deals. The one question which is often asked is how much luggage will the car rental hold?

Most 7 seaters only allow for passengers and one or two small pieces of luggage. If you have 5 passengers including the driver in your party other types of cars may be more suitable to your need and may prove less expensive than your original choice.

This page has a run down on the VW Passat which includes photos and practical advice on sizes. I personally drive a Jetta which is similar in size to the Passat and find the car has plenty of leg room in the front for driving and in the rear for passengers.

Boot space or trunk space has enough space for large suitcases and small suitcases.
The length is appr. 105cm
The boot is appr. 105cm wide
Around 55 cm in height

This will give you an approximate guideline in dimensions when thinking about what type of suitcase to bring along on your holidays.

Another choice with this car is the back seats fold flat down allowing for more luggage space if you need. This would limit the passengers to two though. Worth a thought.

Another idea is to try out the various car types in the category you are hoping to book. This will give you an idea to how comfy the car will be during your stay and also how much of your luggage will fit in the car.