Hackney May Ban Diesels


A bid to tackle air pollution is always on everyone’s mind and politicians are open to suggestions on how to tackle the problem.

Hackney’s transport leader has said they would support a ban on diesel vehicles in an effort to tackle air pollution within their borough.

You can still return your UK car hire back to London Hackney within office hours.

The Hackney council are backing the London Mayor’s environmental policy if he were to propose a capital wide diesel car ban. As only one borough they feel they don’t have the clout to issue an all out ban so they are consulting on whether a ban on
emissions more than 10 x buses – nitrogen dioxide may be an alternative option.

The council has announced they would announce a levy fee of £50 more on any owner of a diesel car who is applying for a one year permit to park in the Hackney zone.

In two years times a charge per day for vehicles travelling in some parts of London will be charged from £12.50 to £100 per day for those vehicles which do not meet the emissions standards.