Glasgow Mural Trail

Glasgow Street Art

Street Art in Glasgow – Glasgow has now encouraged and embraced local street artists. In 2014 Glasgow City Council set up the Mural Trail. It mapped 14 different large scale street art exhibitions at various locations in the city. Some of this street art has been in place since 2008.

There are now eighteen murals on the trail which are sprayed on to the sides of empty Glasgow buildings. This inevitably means that the survival of the Mural Trail is not guaranteed. However it does mean that the project is more flexible than traditional art exhibitions and has the potential to grow and develop.

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The range of artistic styles on the Mural Trail range from abstract to hyper-realistic. The designs incorporate bright colours.

Local businesses, residents and visitors have taken a liking to the murals which have given abandoned areas of the city a new lease of life.

The Glasgow Mural Trail is available both in hard copy and online.

More information can be found here.