Gatwick Airport CEO Confronts Airport Commission Decision

Gatwick Airport South Terminal

The person in charge of Airport Commission that made the
decision to favour the expansion of Heathrow Airport, Sir Howard is Davies, is having to defend his decision against claims made by Gatwick Airport.

Gatwick boss, Stewart Wingate, had 7 main points in a fifty page
document. This included points on greater noise and higher
air pollution from London Heathrow airport. Mr Wingate
suggested that the commission used incorrect traffic analysis
when making the decision to reject Gatwick as the choice
for expansion.

For Car Hire at Gatwick Airport

Mr Davies in reply stated that all the points put forward by
Gatwick had been given careful consideration throughout
the enquiry process.

Mr Davies further stated that he disagreed that they had
underestimated the passenger growth at Gatwick airport
and had over estimated the expected growth at Heathrow

He said that Heathrow would have a passenger growth in
a range of different scenarios after expansion and indicated
that Gatwick airport had spare capacity.

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