Where Does The Fallen Euro Leave The UK


Recent changes in the economy and the Greece Election may throw the Euro into a free fall for a short time. The value of the Euro which had been falling recently was in stark contrast to recent years which meant that any Brits going on holiday over the past few years would only have received around 1.15 Euro for each British pound spent.

Now even after the surprise Greek Election , the Euro has came out on top at a surprising 1.33 Euro for each pound today.

This is the highest exchange since around 2002 era and experts predict that the your
pound may buy as much as 1.55 euros by the summer time.

The past few years has seen an increase in people either staying in the UK for a holiday or visitors coming over to the UK as the exchange rate was favorable to their country.

The question being asked this year by the tour industry is what will families do?

Will they stay within the UK again or head back to the USA?
Will they wait and see what the UK election brings in May before deciding where to go on holiday.?

A lot of questions being asked by the tour industry as the pound gains momentum against the Euro for the first time in years.

This summer school holiday could see families going overseas from the UK . The difference in the exchange rate will mean that families can enjoy : car hire, meals and treats in Europe as the pound will go further and they will be able to budget for extras which they may not have included over the past few years.

The Eurozone will also be watching closely as they are unsure what Greece will be planning next.

Lets hope the UK hot spots of London, Devon and Cornwall not forgetting Bournemouth,

Poole and Weymouth will still be as busy as ever this summer. As they and other UK resorts have just recovered from the past decade of families taking their money overseas instead of holidaying in the UK.