Electric Vehicle Journey Could Be Extended to 200 miles

Hydrogen Battery Cells

The electric car journey capacity could be extended to 200 miles
for average journeys on one charge if new hydrogen cell technology proves to be commercially viable.

A UK company, Cella Energy created the technology which had previously be tried by the US government a few years earlier and then dropped.

Cella Energy states that their system can replace batteries in electric cars with hydrogen cells. They believe this would extend the journey capacity to over 200 miles with one charge.

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Cella Energy have managed to secure a contract with the defence
department of the Israeli Government to use the technology to power drone and need to develop the technology to replace car batteries.

Their system is based on a solid state gas generator. It is able to
create clean hydrogen which is fed into a fuel cell. The cells would
then be used to replace electric vehicle batteries. It is not gone
unnoticed that they are lighter in weight as well as extending journey capacity.

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