Do You Know Your European Driving Laws?


This is a great question to ask yourself once you have booked your holiday car hire. Do you know you know your driving laws.

Most of the British drivers normally head over to Europe for their holiday breaks with Spain, France and Portugal being the hot favourites.

A recent poll suggested as much as half of the drivers who rent a car during their holidays don't research any European driving laws before they collect their car rental from any parts of Europe including Spain.

The research shows drivers were unsure of speed limits , drink driving laws and more worryingly which special equipment was required for each country they visited.

A good number of drivers from the UK don't for example what type of special equipment to bring with them on a road trip or hire from the rental agency.

Here are a few reminders for Special equipment:

1. warning triangle
2. first aid kit
3. florescent jacket
4. snow chains

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Here are a few reminders to double check before your journey begins. Remember that the laws vary from country to country.

Review drink driving laws

Remember speed limits are in Kilometers

Remember Europe drive on the right

Review local traffic signs

Remember ferry crossing costs and motorway tolls

Remember and buy insurance and breakdown cover

Emergency numbers for overseas outside of Great Britain are 112 not 999 or 111 as in the UK.

The video from the UK Government is a great tongue and cheek version of a serious reminder to try and do your homework
before you collect your rental car.

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