Diamonds R A Girl’s Best Friend


An owner of a costume piece of jewellery received the shock of her life when she discovered her ring was actually a real diamond and worth thousands.

The unidentified owner of the ring wore the ring each day with joy and pride over three decades.

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She did not realise until recently when she asked Sotheby’s to test the ring. Much to her shock her £10 ring which she purchased at a car boot sale was actually valued at £250,000. As the ring mount was not clean and the diamond huge the owner assumed the ring was worthless and did not bother to have the ring tested before now.

At a recent auction the ring actually sold for a staggering £656,750 pounds. The jewellery’s expected a top sale of around £350,000 pounds but everyone was taken aback when the ring sold for over double the worth.

Next time you are out and about at a car auction, have a closer look at the jewellery section. You never know what you may find.