Cyprus Driving License?

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Question: Cyprus Driving License?
Hi, I am currently living in Cyprus and changed my UK license that has been held for 3 years for A Cyprus license. Me and family are flying to the UK in march and land at 12 midnight, I need to know if I can object to hire car as I have only had this license 4 month but had uk license 3 years. How can I resolve this ?


You can ask the branch staff to contact DVLA by phone to verify that you have a valid UK Driving license. It may worth contacting DVLA prior to that to make sure that they will confirm that.

You should also make sure the DVLA is open when you are due to arrive. If that is not the case you can ask the branch to contact the DVLA prior to your arrival. The DVLA will not be open at midnight.

There is a nominal charge by the car rental company for contacting the DVLA.

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