Cuba Car Hire 2015


A noticeable change is coming to the beautiful Island of Cuba.

The country could be set to open her doors to the USA super power after nearly fifty years of closing her borders to the neighbouring country.

Cuba has resumed diplomatic relations with the US after this lengthy time which could potentially mean that the island may open her doors to US tourists after all this time.

The Cuban delegation have been busy over the past decade by seeking help from overseas companies in the rebuilding of its facilities which would enable them to attract tourists back to Cuba.

One part which has everyone talking is the questions over car rental. The country is renowned for her old classic cars which are in a great need of repair after years of embargoes.

Car parts are in short supply and owners always ask around or scramble for parts from other cars which have finally made their way to the scrap heap.

This was always one of the many charms and characteristic of the island.

The questions now being asked by experts is "are major brand named car hire firms going to be allowed to operate in the country ?"

The present system is not ideal as tourists will pay over the odds for old cars which are often poorly maintained and are often rented out for over the top prices. There is no current system in place for pre-booking a vehicle during your holiday.

Visitors are advised to call around each company looking for a car before setting out to collect their vehicle while visiting Havana.

Changes are on their way over the next few years and tourist experts are hoping to be able to predict a smoother system to collecting your much improved rental car.

In the meantime here is some advice for renting in Cuba at the present time.

Once you have located your car for hire. Carefully check the vehicle over to ensure that the rental is fitted with all the parts. For example: a spare tyre and a spanner for the tyre and also a jack for the car.

As with all rentals when you first pick them up. Go around the car noting down all the dents and damage before signing the paperwork. The present companies are famous for charging damage which has been done prior to the customer hiring the car.