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Caerphilly Roadworks Chaos


Roadworks in the town of Caerphilly are causing chaos in the area and effecting businesses. Pwll-y-Pant roundabout is the cause for concern amongst business owners who have written a letter to the local council expressing their concerns. More road news : car hire UK from Wales Businesses in the area are saying their profits are […]

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Floating 3D Zebra Crossings


Artists have came up with a novel idea which is Zebra Crossings that float. Yes , you heard correctly a set of painted zebra crossings which appear to float are actually an optical illusion. More road news : Car hire UK from Liverpool Airport may be collected or returned from the airport or downtown. The […]

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Lulu – Concierge Service

lulu services

Paris now has a new on street service called – Lulu Dans Ma Rue. Other city news : car hire from Bluewheels avaialble throughout the world including Paris in France. This is a new idea to plug the gap in the disappearing age of building concierges. Previously each building in Paris had their own concierge […]

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Tangmere Crash


The Police Force in Sussex are asking for witnesses to come forward after a rare car was badly damaged in an accident in West Sussex. The rare car which is believed to be worth around £1.5 million pounds was reportedly badly damaged in the accident. More UK car news : Car hire UK from Bluewheels […]

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London’s T Charge


A new motoring charge comes into force now in London called the T-Charge. The Mayor of London says the new charge will apply to older cars which pollute the city nearly as much as double compared to the newer car models. Another option is to rent a car hire from London Town instead of driving […]

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Dundee a Hot Destination

v and A building

According to the famous Wall Street Journal one of Scotland’s must see cities is Dundee as well as being in the top ten cities of the world. Congratulations to the city we wish them well. The reason given by the journal was the opening next year of the V & A Dundee Museum of Design […]

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Vertical Forests: What Do You Think?


As the world’s population increases which in turn leads to a shortage of houses could the green solution be to have vertical building with green space. In a sense a green forest which would help the housing shortage and also double up as a solution to the pollution level we now face in our cities? […]

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Dinner Under the Sea Anyone?


Fed up with going to your local at the weekend for something to eat? Want to try somewhere new? How about a restaurant under the sea? Yes, you heard correctly dine like Little Mermaid and watch the sea life swim past during your meal. More related dining news : pick up your car hire from […]

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New Mary Queen of Scots Sketch

mary_queen of scots

A new drawing believed to be by Mary Queen of Scots has been found beneath the 1589 Lord Chancellor portrait. Visit Edinburgh and collect your car hire from any Scotland branch to view the painting in the city’s art galleries. The new painting came to light when x-rays of the painting undercovered a painting beneath […]

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Adult Theme Parks


Manchester have built the first adult themed park made from inflatables. You heard correctly. Now adults can take part in all the fun which children have been participating in for years. The adults are now able to bounce around like their children and forget the worries of adult life. Other related tourist news : book […]

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