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Making Dreams Come True


In Bristol, England there is a company known as Bailey which manufactuers caravans. Other tourist news : New Year car hire from Luton Airport The family run business which has been in existence for more than 70 years has noticed a trend in the sale of caravans and motorhomes in recent years. Bailey who also […]

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Kid Buys £300K Number Plate


A young boy has paid the equivalent of $400K for a number plate at an auction. More travel news from Scotland : New Year car hire from Aberdeen Downtown The famous number plate says 1111 and was auctioned by the police in Abu Dhab. Around 1.5 million dirhams was paid by the boy and his […]

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Meatballs Close Road


A traffic incident in Sweden lead to a road being blocked by Swedish meatballs. Related tourist news : New Year car hire from Prestwick Airport The accident happened due to icy conditions on the road which saw the lorry skid and the container heading to a ditch which had Swedish Meatballs inside the trailer. Due […]

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Open Road Wifi


2021 is the deadline the UK Government has announced that they aim to have self driving vehicles on the UK roads. other news : New Year car hire UK from In a bid to help this ambitious plan the Highways department of England is considering the plan to have wifi installed along the motorways […]

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Mario Karts New Rules


New rules are being introduced in Japan after a new driving fad has seen an increase in a number of accidents. other road news : New Year car hire from Ireland Go karting on the streets of Japan where drivers are able to dress as characters from the Mario Kart videos and driving along the […]

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Tesla’s Plans


The Tesla boss has declared a need to introduce a Lorry or pick up truck as part of the company’s overall plans for the future. More travel news : New Year car hire from London Town This announcement has came after deciding to build the truck when the Model Y has been completed. Elon Musk […]

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Tech Shortcuts for Young Drivers


Back in the day the only way that young drivers were allowed to insurance their cars was by using a black box to record their mileage and speed. Read more news about New Year car rental from Inverness Airport now with advanced technology the cars may be fitted with a dash cam system instead which […]

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Rolls Royce Car Scam


A driver was saved from a scam which may have cost him his savings of £10,000. More travel news from Belfast Downtown, rent your New Year car rental from any of the Irish branches. Thankfully bank staff stopped him from withdrawing his funds and found that the deal to purchase a Rolls Royce was in […]

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VR Horrors of Drink Driving


Young students have found themselves using a VR system which shows them the effects of drink driving and the consequences. more recent news : New Year car rental from London City Airport The app known as DriveVR was developed by West Mercia Police who attempted to aim the device at young drivers under the age […]

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Aberdeen Airport Numbers Rise


Good news for bosses of Aberdeen Airport in the North of Scotland as passenger number increased for 7 months in a row. more airplane travel news : New Year car rental from Aberdeen Airport and Liverpool Airport Around 250,000 travellers passed through the airport in November alone which is almost a rise of 5% on […]

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