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Where Does The Fallen Euro Leave The UK


Recent changes in the economy and the Greece Election may throw the Euro into a free fall for a short time. The value of the Euro which had been falling recently was in stark contrast to recent years which meant that any Brits going on holiday over the past few years would only have received […]

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Cuba Car Hire 2015


A noticeable change is coming to the beautiful Island of Cuba.The country could be set to open her doors to the USA super power after nearly fifty years of closing her borders to the neighbouring country.Cuba has resumed diplomatic relations with the US after this lengthy time which could potentially mean that the island may […]

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Heading Home For The Holidays

arrival and departure signs

Each year the mass exodus begins for all the ex-pats all over the world to head home to the UK to be with their loved ones for the holidays. Needless to say Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airport at this time of year. As the airport has 5 terminals with the latest being […]

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Best Days To Fly and Drive This Christmas

red bauble on a red christmas card

According to the experts the priciest day to travel and collect car hire from any airport in the UK and world wide is on December 19th which is a Friday. Travellers think by avoiding the Christmas rush they can beat the price hike over the festive period by booking and travelling the Friday before Christmas […]

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