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New Zurich Route Announced


The Highland and Island Airport Officials have announced a new route from Inverness Airport. More visitor news : Halloween car rental offers from Aberdeen Downtown Hial has reported the new route is from Zurich Airport in Switzerland to Inverness Airport in Scotland. Edelweiss Air will operate the new routes from next year over a trial […]

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Big Ben Repairs Cost Rises


The overall cost of major repairs to Big Ben is set to rise to a staggering £61 million pounds. Initially the cost was set to be between £29 million up to £45 million pounds. Any visitor to London can collect a Halloween car rental offers from Kennington. The Elizabeth Tower repairs are said to be […]

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Knightsbridge Area By Road


Renting a car from March Arch in Central London is an excellent choice in car rental. The location is close to many iconic sites which include : Kensington Gardens, Paddington, Knightsbridge and Bayswater. Remember though that this is one of the congestion charges zone areas which drivers will be required to pay for the central […]

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New Coul Links Course


£10 million pounds is reported to be spent building a new links course in the region of Sutherland. Providing plans are given the go ahead for the project. The chances of the build starting on the links course perhaps may start as early as next year. Rent Halloween car rental offers from Perth in Scotland […]

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Rockets not Planes


The world wide entrepreneur who is mostly associated with the car industry is now claiming another mode of transport for people who wish to commute. Return your Halloween car rental offers back to Bluewheels branches in the UK . Mr Musk is now suggesting that commuters will be able to reach a city within minutes […]

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Welsh Trains May Increase Staffing


The First Minister of Wales has reported that when the new franchise for railways comes into force there maybe more staff on the trains. More transport news : Halloween car rental offers from Wales New tender offers are currently being saught for the rail service within the Wales and Borders Service. Although the tenders may […]

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Wood Burners Out


Wood burning stoves which are currently the rage may be relegated to the past again as the London Mayor is wishing to ban the stoves. More city travel news : Halloween car rental offers from London Waterloo Mr Khan – Mayor of London has written to Michael Gove as he is concerned about the level […]

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A Wooden Car?

car light

An idea which the Japanese are currently researching involves making a car from wood pulp instead of steel. Another idea is using plastics to replace steel in an effort to make use of lighter materials when building cars. More car news : Halloween car rental offers from London King’s Cross The car industry is looking […]

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Scottish Hotel Michelin * Drop


Owners of a Scottish Hotel close to Nairn have asked the Michelin Guide to drop their star rating as they wish to drive the country hotel in a new direction in the coming year. More Scottish tourist news : Halloween car rental offers from Scotland The Boath House Hotel which is located in the North […]

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What Does the Yellow Sign Mean?


When out and about driving in the UK from time to time you will come across a yellow H sign. Can you guess the meaning of the sign? Travel news : Halloween car rental offers from Newquay Airport The H stands for hydrant and this lets the fire service known and other emergency services that […]

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