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Increase in London Green Space


The Mayor of London is looking to improve the green space within London to 50% in 30 years time. More city news : summer getaways car rental deals from London Town The ambitious plan could see the city of London become the first national park by next year. A fund which is worth £9 million […]

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Crop Circle Attracts Hundreds

crop circle

A crop circle which appeared on a Wiltshire farm in England has attracted hundreds of visitors. Other UK regional news : summer getaways car rental deals from Gatwick Airport The farmer who owns the land has allowed visitors onto the farmland at a small charge to cover the expenses of lost crops. Shelley Klindt has […]

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UK’s Perseid Meteor Shower


A unique meteor shower took place last weekend across the UK. The annual event normally happens in the summer months of July or August. The reason for the event occurring is when debris from the comet – Swift Tuttle passes the planet Earth. Other UK news : summer getaways car rental deals from Bluewheels The […]

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Belfast City Airport – travel to and from airport

belfast city airport

Passengers are able to arrive at the airport by using a number of different methods of transport. Travellers who wish to return their summer getaways car rental deals back to Belfast City Airport are able to do so by driving along the A2 Road. This is known as the Sydenham Bypass Road and access can […]

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Artist’s Solution to Irish Border


The Brexit movement will slowly be winding its way over to the problem about the Irish borders between North and South. An artist has shown a softer side to the dilemma for this weekend by showcasing knitted shapes across the bridge between Cavan and Fermanagh. other country news : summer getaways car rental deals from […]

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Removal of Hopkinstown’s Bridge

cardiff airport

A bridge which is ear marked to be removed has came up with opposition as locals are opposing the removal. The footbridge which in Hopkinstown and is known as Gyfeillion Colliery is due to be demolished after falling into disrepair. Other regional news : summer getaways car rental deals from Cardiff Airport The Smokey Bridge […]

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Stansted Airport Lounge

stansted airport

Passengers wishing to arrive early and relax in comfort within Stansted Airport are able to book ahead and use the facilities of the Escape Lounge. The tranquil lounge is opened each day from early morning around half past four until early evening at around eight thirty. The lounge is prepaid before you arrive and includes […]

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Aspire Lounge at Edinburgh


Unwind in tranquil surroundings at Edinburgh Airport’s no 1 lounge known as the Aspire. In this quiet lounge you can unwind with both hot and cold drinks including a selection of spirits, beers and wines. Other airport news : Edinburgh Airport summer getaway car rental deals Snacks are on offer which include scones, sandwiches, hot […]

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Prestwick Airport Facilities


Glasgow Airport Prestwick can be found around 25 miles down the coast from the city of Glasgow. Sometimes passengers mix up their arrival or departure between here and Glasgow International which is around 10 miles from the city centre. Other airport news : Prestwick Airport summer getaway car rental deals The airport can be reached […]

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Scots Are World Champions

pipe band

The World Pipe Band Champions now belong to the Inveraray Pipe Band for this year. other regional news : summer getaway car rental deals from Inverness Airport They became the world champions after seeing off their competitors during the event at Glasgow Green last weekend. More than 8,000 pipers took part in the event with […]

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