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Iron Maiden’s Flying Business


Bruce Dickinson who is the lead singer for Iron Maiden and is an avid pilot is hoping to raise funds in order to close a deal reportedly worth around £15 million. More on Christmas car rental from Cardiff Airport in the UK. He is a keen pilot who also runs a maintenance firm for planes […]

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Bristol’s Metro bus Opening 2018


The Metro bus scheme in Bristol has been given a set back and will not be able to open until at least 2018 springtime. Until then passengers will be able to arrange a Christmas car rental from Bristol Airport or downtown. The grand opening of the metrobus was due to be unveiled at the end […]

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Driver Fined For Painting Road Signs


A man in China decided to make his commute to work a little bit easier than normal by repainting road signs on the roads. In other road news : Drivers are able to book Christmas car rental from Bluewheels to rent in China or other countries around the world. Mr Cai was caught on camera […]

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Confusion over 2040 Government’s Fuel Ban


The UK Government is planning on banning diesel and petrol cars and vehicles by the year 2040. More UK travel news from Bluewheels: car hire from Heathrow Airport and other major airports around the worlcar hire from Heathrow Airport The plan is to switch all new cars and vehicles over to a zero emission capacity […]

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Fines Fall for Illegally Using Mobiles


A new way of fining drivers who use mobile phones illegally while driving was introduced earlier this year. The penalty is now £200 and 6 penalty points on the drivers license in the UK. More UK travel news : car hire UK from Bluewheels Even though the cost of the fine has doubled along with […]

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11 Year High for Speeding Offences


A 30% rise in speeding offences from 6 years ago is causing concern for the DFT – Department for Transport. Road news about car hire UK around the country. 1.6 million drivers were prosecuted for speeding back in 2011 compared to 2.1 millions drivers this year. Whereas the number of prosecutions fell in the years […]

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Lost Teddy Hitches Plane Ride Home


An appeal from a distraught 4 year to find her lost teddy bear at Edinburgh Airport has resulted in success. More Airport news : car hire from Edinburgh Airport in Scotland One of the cabin crew from Logan air spotted the appeal on social media for the lost teddy. Kristy Walter who is a member […]

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Iconic Cinema Reopens in Campbletown


Picture House cinema reopens in Campbletown after a £3.5 million refurbishment programme. Funding was secured from various agencies including the Governments from the UK and Scotland along with lottery funding from the Heritage. Rent a car from Scotland and explore the south of the country to take a look at the Iconic building along the […]

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View From Space


Scotland’s recent display of the Northern Lights was also seen from as far away as space. NASA Astronauts photographed the moment they could see the Aurora above the Scottish skyline. He tweeted a picture of the lights and other scenery around Scotland. Other travel news : car hire UK available from Bluewheels down here on […]

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Future Electric Cars


One question being currently asked about electric vehicles: Where would the power come from in order to charge all the world’s vehicles if all other types of cars where banned? Related news : car hire UK from London Town A staggering amount of cars , trucks, lorries, taxis on the roads today across the globe […]

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