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Do You Know Your European Driving Laws?


​ This is a great question to ask yourself once you have booked your holiday car hire. Do you know you know your driving laws. Most of the British drivers normally head over to Europe for their holiday breaks with Spain, France and Portugal being the hot favourites. A recent poll suggested as much as […]

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Bye, Bye UK Tax Disc

tax disc from dec 1967

​ Ask any UK driver about the new rules on tax discs which come into force on the 1st October this year 2014 and you can guarantee that not many drivers will be aware of the new rules. A tax disc is a circular piece of paper which is displayed on the car’s windscreen. Normally […]

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Why Are The Charges Sometimes Different From Quote?

red car driving along city road

​ Drivers are now looking to book their cars over the Internet this is not only convenient but also a fantastic way of being able to book their vehicles around the clock from the comfort or their own home or while on the move via their smart phones. Remember that the most important button or […]

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Hiring A Car In South Africa Do I Pay Tolls?

flag of south africa

Great Question. Yes . Any additional expenses which occur by the renter when hiring a vehicle during the car hire period is the responsibility of the driver. All drivers are responsible for paying border control tolls or motorway tolls or parking charges or any traffic violation fees which may occur during their rental period . […]

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