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Here Come The Bling – Celebrities Cars

Stars Word On Stage Means Famous People Like Celebrities Divas And Superstars

​ Although we can’t guarantee you will be able to hire the following stars vehicle at your local car rental branch. We thought you would like a quick look at those luxury cars which the rich and famous are driving today. Head over to here for a sneak peak Other useful pages:Car Hire Edinburgh Airport […]

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Increase Use of Mobiles While Driving

Mobile Phones Apps Smartphone Applications

​ Although the use of mobile phone devices are illegal when driving on the UK roads. A poll by the AA has said that almost 100% of surveyors have noticed drivers using devices behind the wheel. The survey suggests that actions by the witnesses to try to bring this to the attention of the driver […]

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Skid Prevention on Europe Roads

Man lying down after scooter accident. Isolated

​ Good news for all car hirers from this month. ESP which is a skid prevention scheme will be rolled out for all passenger type cars around Europe including the UK. The system is said to prevent as much as eighty percent of accidents over Europe. The idea is to try and launch the ESP […]

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Edinburgh Airport – Minimum Age Limit?

airport departure board

The minimum age of a young driver in most cases from Edinburgh Airport appears to be 22 years old. The Minimum and Maximum age will be different for each hire firm that you select a quote from on car hire comparison website.Any driver under the age of 25 years old will be charged a […]

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The Latest Honda Fleet News

Jazz Key Showing Concert Band Or Music

​ The Paris Motor Show this week unveiled that Honda will be offering renters a new model to drive from next summer. The Honda Jazz is rumoured to offer a better performance and the all awaited improvement in fuel. Which all drivers are agreeing this is perfect in light of the cost of fuel both […]

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Tomorrow’s Street – Signs

futurist signs

​ An interesting and thought provoking article about what the cities may be like in the near future and how technology will play a big part in shaping the world. Fernando Barbella shares his thoughts on what street and car signs may say about our future roads . Head over to here to read more […]

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Rail to Road Via York

abstract picture of vehicles

A new car hire branch has opened up at York Train Station in England due to popular demand.Enterprise rent a car has listened to a survey from its drivers asking for a new branch to be located at the railway station.York Station is one of the popular stations in the East Coast of England and […]

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Look Inside The Mercedes E Class

3D car design

​ Luxury cars are always popular with the rental market in the UK as well as around the world.All eyes are on the new Mercedes E Class which is not due until 2016. A little bit of a time to wait before you are to rent one. We hope you enjoy the sneak preview over […]

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BMW M4 Europe Road Trip

stylish car model on black

​ In this video Matt Watson from auto express gives his take on what he thinks about the latest addition from BMW. He takes the M4 BMW car on a test drive through a 1,000 road trip from Austria to the UK via Germany’s Autobahn , Luxembourg , Nurgrining, Holland then Belgium and finally back […]

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Windows Into The Future

detail of an oldtimer

​ A lot of drivers now a days are conscious and concerned about the environment. As the cost of metal is on the increase manufacturers are increasingly looking towards to other materials to use. Scientists are studying a number of methods to increase the safety of glass and also to make it more environmental friendly. […]

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