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Stansted Airport – How Much Is A Week’s Car Rental

3d large passenger plane flying in the blue sky

Christmas season will be fast approaching with less than 6 weeks to go. London being the capital of the UK will be busier than usual. Oxford Street Christmas Lights is always a big favourite amongst visitors. Lots of tourists travel through London during the holiday season. Heathrow is by far the busiest of all London […]

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Fuel Prices To Come Even Lower

orange gas station

The cost of fuel is at an all time low over the past few years in the UK.The treasury are hoping that the oil industry pass on the savings to consumers as quickly as possible. The cost of fuel in the UK is slowly coming down but not fast enough for the UK Government.More over […]

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Aberdeen Goes Chinese

man in tie pointing to china

The tourist industry is bringing Aberdeen in Scotland to China. Visit Aberdeen is marketing the Granite City to the Chinese in a bid to put the city on their destination lists.The Northern City already renowned for its oil is hoping to grow the whiskey , golf and history industry by attracting Chinese visitors up North.China […]

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Orkney’s Italian Chapel

sunset over a forrest

Remembrance Day celebrations this year were special due to the 100th year anniversary. Now over for another Orkney is calling on people around the world to remember her part in helping the UK defeat Germany.Visit Scotland is hoping to attract visitors to not only Scotland but the islands also. Two Italian POWs built a beautiful […]

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Volvo V40 Reviewed

rows of white car with one red car

Anyone wishing to purchase a Volvo V40 in the near future may be wise to rent one first. The reasoning behind this would be to see if the car suits your every day needs. A few questions to ask yourself and try out with the family. Is the car suitable for the school run? Is […]

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Savvy Tips for Frugal Travelers

Money Saving Tips Book Showing Finance Advice

We all would like our holiday to go like clockwork. This involves a lot of planning from an early stage. This post gives travelers a few hints and tips on how to save money on their car rental, hotels and flights. Enjoy the read…..

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Fuel Costs Going Down

gas pump into pink piggy bank

Great news over the weekend for anyone who will be renting a car in the UK this week. The cost of fuel will be coming down over the next few weeks. Hopefully the trend continues on the run up to Christmas when everyone tries to book a car and head home for the holidays. Current […]

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Electric Cars Driven By Celebrities

red electric bulb

​ A surprising number of celebrities are now driving electric cars. Hollywood stars have jumped on the band wagon and appear to be influencing the general public to switch from the gas guzzlers we know and love to a more zero emissions friendly car. The stars include: 1.Justin Bieber, 2.George Clooney, 3.Mr and Mrs Pitt, […]

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Do I pay Taxes On Top Of My Car Hire?

Taxes On Calculator

In the UK the tax or VAT as it is commonly known in the UK is included in the car hire price.At present the current rate is 20% in the UK.The tax is also included on Spanish car rentals with the rate being 21%.The French tax rate of 20% is also included in the rental […]

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