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Million Dollar Babe

pink balloons with a baby girl sign

Each time we go on holiday one of the many things we arrange before travelling is our holiday insurance. We briefly gloss over the details of the policy not thinking for one moment that we will need to contact the holiday insurance company for any reason during our stay.A Canadian couple did exactly this one […]

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Snow Day Footage In Buffalo

small black car on a white background

At present there is a massive snow storm heading over Northern American into Canada which is causing havoc on the roads and highways.Be careful when heading out on the roads due to the ice and snow storms which are going to be around for the next few days and weeks. There have been many accidents […]

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Hand Brake Failure of Burning Van

Danger! on Road Sign

The footage shows you what can happen when a hand brake fails in a van. No-one is sure what happened to make the van go on fire and roll down a hill.This is a timely reminder to always check that you have parked your rental car with the hand brake on, lights switched off and […]

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Shop Around For Your Car Insurance

female hand draws vacations theme

Many of us search endlessly for car hire while going on holiday. How many of us actually take the time to search for insurance for our own personal car?Be careful when you shop around for insurance for your own vehicle when the time comes for renewal.Most of the car insurance policies are geared for drivers […]

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Don’t Leave Your Car Unlocked

locked which is opened

A man from Augusta got a big surprise when he returned his rental car back to Hertz Rental office located downtown.The owner had left his own car at the branch while he rented a hire car from the carrental firm. Upon his return he found a man sleeping rough in his personal car.Staff at the […]

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Snow Storm Heading Over USA

A major storm has been heading across USA causing havoc to many roads across the states. Roads are treacherous at the moment with temperatures dipping to minus 50 in some states.Towns and villages are looking picture perfect with the snow so deep in places you can’t see the houses as they are completely covered in […]

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Manchester Airport – New Tram Line

houses and trams

A similar scheme to Edinburgh has been trialed out in Manchester with trams.The old idea of linking the city centre with the airport has taken shape in the form a new tram line from the airport to the city with 15 stops in between.Perfect if you wish to collect your car hire from Manchester Airport […]

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A Simple Mistake

passport and cash

A simple mistake cost a family their dream holiday.The six family members had traveled to Manchester Airport to board their United Airlines flight to Florida.They handed over their six passports and first piece of luggage. Only for seconds later to be informed that one of the passports was missing even although that had an independent […]

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Crowd Funding – The Latest News in Car Hire

2 white plus one green man carrying briefcases

Crowd funder has been launched recently which aims for everyone to pay a small price to buy a car for example. They become part owner and are able to use the vehicle on a rota system similar to a holiday property timeshare.The aim of each project is to purchase a large item and split the […]

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Winter Costs Vary in Europe For Snow Equipment

black snow plough in orange background with snow flakes

Remember if you are heading out to Europe on holiday this winter upon arrival you may be in for a bit of a shock when collecting your rental car. In certain countries the use of snow chains and winter tyres are compulsory which means a local tax payment for the special equipment will be added […]

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