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Nottingham Is Going Green

electric car on top of globe

Nottingham has launched their first car pay as you use service with a difference. All the cars used are electric and will save on energy omissions.There is a join up fee each year at present of £50 with an ongoing hourly rate of £5.50 or £45 per day. The club is open to members who […]

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Car Hire Insurance – The Pitfalls

brown paper with black writing

Mr Wilkes went on a family holiday to France and picked up a car hire from Nice Airport in the South of France. The Wilkes had prepaid for their holiday and car rental before they left the UK for France.Upon arrival Mr Wilkes was asked to provide his credit card to cover any damage to […]

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Drink Driving – Don’t This Festive Period

glasses-and-bottles-of-white-and-red-wine-grapes-over-white cover

​ Read Mel Hurd’s drink driving experience and how easily her situation could be yours. The interesting facts of the rise of female drinkers and the dangers. Mel an admin had attended a friend’s wedding and looked beautiful in her wedding outfit. During the course of the wedding reception she had drank her favourite whiskey […]

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Southampton Airport Car Rental Bookings

airplane about to land

Can I amend My Booking At Southampton Airport?At present When you book your rental car via the airport there is no charge for admin costs when you make amendments. There may however be additional costs if you decide to change your car group or provider. There will also be a charge for any extension of […]

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New Dartford Crossing Charges System

metal bridge on sand dunes

The is a new change of payment system for anyone who is about to cross the Dartford Crossing in England.The present system has a barriers which all vehicles must stop and pay a charge to pass through the gates.From November 30 2014 the barriers are going to be removed and a camera system will be […]

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New Road System For Cardiff

blue and white cars stuck in traffic jam

The capital of Wales – Swansea will have a solution to their pollution and traffic problem from early 2015.A new system named Nowcaster at present monitors pollution problems around the city. The main areas which are mostly effected are the Haford area of the city whch includes Quay Parade and Fabian Way.You can find out […]

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Tram v Mini – Watch the video

red mini cooper.

Exploits of mini cooper parked on a tram line close to the university in Nottingham , England exploded on twitter.The driver has unwittingly parked her mini cooper outside a coffee shop near the uni and returned around 20 minutes later only to be given a penalty notice which had charges attached.Passers by grouped together to […]

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Travel Smells

hot coffee in white cup and saucer

Chris McGinnis writes about airport smells and the worst and best smells associated with them.Here are some examples:1. landing at Hawaii and smelling the tropical flowers2. smell of jet fuel3. arriving into New York and being treated to the chestnut smells4. favourite smells from your toiletries5. the new rental car smell when driving6. The clock […]

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Happy St Andrew’s Day – Free Tickets

flag of st andrews

St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and is celebrated through the country on November 30 each year.Normally the day passes by fairly quietly without much pomp and ceremony. This year Historic Scotland is going all out and inviting the people of Scotland and anyone who is visiting at this time of year to […]

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Take The High Way

Kiosk on Samos

Anyone who has driven a car in America will be well aware of the road tolls which are in place over the country.The traditional types of toll booths with customers paying cash are now been modernised with electronic types of tool booths. The emphasis now on payment being made by electronic passes for example E […]

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