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Problems Finding A Parking Space In Jeddah

abandoned car body ghost town 1

Finding a place to park your hired car in Saudi city is limited due to the growing problem of residents abandoning their private cars in the city’s streets.The cars which are left in spaces arounds parks and other public places are a growing concern for residents and tourists alike. There are various ideas as to […]

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Hot Air Balloon or Hot Air Car


We have all heard of the hot air balloon and are familiar with the concept of the balloon and what makes it work. What about a hot aircar?Watch this interesting video on the latest technology to power a car by air. Yes you heard correct an air car.Peugeot has showcased their latest creation which is […]

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Bond – James Bond – Has A New Car

DB10 new aston martin via bbc news

A new car , film title and cast are unvieled today by Sam Mendes. It is official Daniel Craig is at the helm of the next 007 movie which has been revealed as Spectre. This along with a new Bond car which the director unveiled as a DB10 Aston Martin.We can’t wait to find out […]

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Driverless Cars Come to A Town Near You

image of driverless car via bbc news

The driverless car is coming a step or drive closer as 4 top locations are announced. The top cities to trial the new age car will be Milton Keynes, Bristol, South- East London and Coventry all in England, UK.As the public and emergency services are all a little wary of the technology. There will be […]

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Formula One’s Old Team Mate Crashes Car

black and white chequered racing flags

Mark Webber who was a driver with the Formula One team crashed his Porsche 911 car into Matteo Cressoni’s Ferrari. The accident happened in Brazil’s Sao Paulo city today with an estimated speed of 185mph with Mr Webber’s car going on fire.As a precaution both of the drivers were taken to hospital to be checked […]

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India Starts New Visa System

India Map

India has now it possible to travel to the country as a tourist. They have lifted their present system of having to order and wait for approval weeks ahead of anyone stay in India.Instead visitors from Japan , Brazil, US , Germany and Australia can now visit the country by applying for visas on the […]

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Scottish Airport Flights Increased

yellow arrivals baggage claim and puprle flight connections sign at a international airport

The Scottish Airports- Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh all have an increase in flight routes from this year into the summer of 2015.The growing number of passengers arriving and departing from each airport has been well planned. Glasgow Airport is in the process of a major refurbishment which will bring the terminals in line to cope […]

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Wheelchair Protest Over Parking Spaces

yellow wheelchair handicap road sign painted on a yellow pavement

​Disabled drivers in Georgia have taken to the streets of Rustaveli protesting about drivers using disabled parking spaces for general parking.The group which organised the event is called Tree of Life. Their idea was to block off disabled spaces with wheelchairs outside the metro station in the city to highlight the growing problem.Some people were […]

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Great Advert For Taking Out Insurance

motorcyle crash image

When you are driving along the motorways in the UK either in your hire car or your personal vehicle. Even if you are the safest driver in the world with no previous accidents on your record. It only takes one person to cause an accident close to you.Watch this video about dangerous driving from a […]

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