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Grans Road Fix

grans and shovels

Grans from Russia have made the news recently. The were so fed up waiting on their local councils saying they would repair their road that they took matters into their own hands. related road news : autumn special car hire deals from bluewheels The road in Sredniy Bugalish village was full of potholes. A 90 […]

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Queensferry Crossing Queues

queensferry crossing

Reports of traffic queuing on the new Queensferry Crossing during the morning rush hour lead to reports of traffic delays of around 30 minutes. other news : autumn special car hire deals from Aberdeen Airport Demands for crossing the newly opened bridge has lead to delays as curiosty and excitmenet means congestion. Last Week the […]

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Bat Dad to the Rescue


A bat flies into an Irishman’s house. Sounds like the start of a great joke. other Irish news : autumn special car hire deals from Ireland The bat really did fly into Derry Fleming’s kitchen the other night which is located in County Kerry. One of his son’s filmed the whole episode of his dad […]

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Edinburgh Royal High School

calton hill

A famous landmark on the Calton Hill area of Edinburgh city may be turned into a luxury hotel is planning permission is given the go ahead. More city travel news for visitors : autumn special car hire deals from Edinburgh airport The Royal High School has been lying empty for over 50 years. Proposals are […]

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Big Edinburgh Sleepover

sleep in the park

A sleepover to aid the homeless has been arranged for December 9th this year in the Princes Street Gardens downtown Edinburgh. More city news : autumn special car hire deals Edinburgh downtown The event is known as Sleep in the Park. A good number of famous names will join the big event such as Bob […]

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River Clyde Collapse

river clyde

Parts of the River Clyde have shown signs of wear and tear due to a jammed weir. The update was from Glasgow Council saying that a walkway was closed due to a mechanical failure of one of the weirs. The area affected was between Dalmarnock Road and Glasgow Green. other travel news : autumn special […]

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Airports Low Exchange Rate


We all know not to buy currency at the airports Bureaux de change due to the low rates of exchange for each currency. If you forget to purchase your euros before you travel the exchange centres are always opened at the terminals in emergencies. More UK airport news : autumn special car hire deals from […]

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Tooting is Cool now officially anyway


The Mayor of London is especially pleased with the news as this is his hometown. The choice of a variety of markets and the largest open Lido which is still used today are just a few points of why this area was chosen. other city news : summer getaways car rental deals from London City […]

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Fake Parking Letters

car park notice

A number of car parking notices have appeared in one of Nottingham’s residential areas advising drivers they will be fined for parking there. More travel news : summer getaways car rental deals from London – St Pancras and Kings Cross The local council confirm the parking notices which are tied to ties and railings etc […]

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Extra Rental Car Checks


The UK Goverment is planning on making changes to the way drivers are renting vans and also cars. Other London travel news : summer getaways car rental deals from London King’s Cross The new change would involve a number of additional security checks with the aim of making the rental of vehicles difficult for drivers […]

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