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Tesla’s New Truck


A new truck which Tesla has unveiled recently is expected to to be the first lorry to go into production shortly. The company are hoping the articulated electric truck the first of its kind will be able to go into production in two years. other travel news : car hire from Bluewheels is available at […]

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Trains Early Departure Apology


A Japanese train company has given an apology for leaving 20 seconds earlier than the schedule. The Tsukuba EXpress train line offered the apology after checking their records. Passengers are able to book a car hire from London Euston in the UK as well as car hire from Japan and other countries around the world. […]

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Mersey Fireworks

The completition of a new toll bridge ended with an amazing display of fireworks in Merseyside. More travel news from across the water : car hire from Belfast Int Airport and Liverpool Airport. Runcorn is now connected to Widnes by the new bridge which will be tolled until the cost of building the bridge is […]

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2 Time Capsules Found in St Albans

time capsule

A museum which is currently being renovated to rebuild a more modern museum in St Albans have unearthed not one but two time capsules. Collect your car hire from Battersea in London before heading out to St Albans to explore the area. One is dated back as far as 1898 while the other is dated […]

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Millenium Falcon Found in UK


Star Wars fans will be delighted to know that the Millennium Falcon has survived the latest filming and is under cover right here in the UK. other regional travel news : car hire from London Luton Airport In fact the spacecraft is actually parked only a few meters from a golf club called Barrow Hills. […]

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New R2D2 Shelter?

star wars robot

Prague may have a new visitor attraction on its doorstep due to a group of artists who remain unknown. Visitors to the city will be able to collect their car hire UK from Prague or any other of the country’s towns and cities through An old vent which was built as a shelter in […]

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Wanna Buy A Jag?


Pete Waterman the producer has decided to sell one of his rare E-Type Jaguar motor cars which he purchased nearly 30 years ago. Drivers will be able to collect their Car hire UK from Liverpool Airport and head to the auction in style if they wish to have a glance at the rare Jag. This […]

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Fearless Girl statue Pay Out


When The Fearless Girl Statue which was commissioned her mission was simple to make companies aware of equal pay for everyone. The statue was strategically placed opposite the Bull another statue commissioned back in 1989 with a view to the Future representation. Whether you in America or yet to fly from Newark or JFK Airports […]

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Denver Radar Butterflies

The National Weather (NWS) Service located in Denver Colorado had a case of mistaken identity. The scientists on duty mistook a swarm of butterflies for birds and asked for help to identify the images on their screens. Meanwhile for visitors back in the UK they can collect Halloween car rental offers from our Bluewheels site […]

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Peatland Set for Restoration


The Welsh Peatlands are set to receive a restoration fund of £1 million pounds across all of the country. Travel news from Wales : Halloween UK car hire offers from Wales Aim is to train managers on how to look after the land and the environment in a conservation manner throughout the peatlands of Wales. […]

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