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How To Drive A £2m Yacht


A luxury yacht which is reported to be worth a staggering £2 million pounds is making her way across the rural roads of England due to the height and weight of the load. Road news around the UK – car hire from England can be booked online via As the unusual load will be […]

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Do Your Shoes Speak?


How do retailers keep up with consumers needs as the online computering shopping era has sky rocketed. The simple answer is by using technology. More travel news : car hire UK from Manchester Airport One idea the London underground is using is by tracking everyone’s shoes. Data can be collected then analysed and used to […]

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Happy Street – Simple Idea


The founder of “Playing Out” was campaigining for her children in the street to play outside. She has devised a plan for the children to play outside in her street for a couple of hours each week by closing off the road. related travel news : car hire UK rentals from Wimbledon Alison Ferguson has […]

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UK Roads Autonomous in 3 years?


Technology is advancing at the speed of light and the race is on to the be the first company to produce the first driverless car on British Roads. Do we think this could happen in 3 years? 2021 is not that far away. How will our roads look by 2025 or 2030. What about the […]

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Millennials Railcard


The Government have announced they will be seeking a new rail card for the 26 to 30 years old. Passengers within this bracket will be able to purchase a railcard for £30 which allows them train journeys at a discount price. Alternatively , passengers may collect and return their car hire from London Richmond. The […]

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Nunthorpe’s Poppies


An amazing 15,000 knitted poppies have been planted around Nunthorpe to remember the fallen. Drivers will be able to return their car hire from Newcastle Airport to any major airport branch after they have visited the site. A great deal of months were spent knitting the poppies so they could be planted by Remembrance Day. […]

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Expansion Plans Delayed

Concerns are now growing over delays to the expansion of the Birmingham tram if the tram lines are not expensed in the near future. Collect your car hire from Birmingham Airport next time you are in the area and there is any problems with train journeys. An architect director – Glenn Howells has said that […]

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Cardiff’s Bid for 2020


Local Councillors have given the go ahead for Cardiff to submit a bid to host the Euros in three years time. Start looking for your car hire from around the UK to attend this great event. An alternative city will be required to be selected after doubts set in for Grimbergen to host the event […]

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Tesla’s New Truck


A new truck which Tesla has unveiled recently is expected to to be the first lorry to go into production shortly. The company are hoping the articulated electric truck the first of its kind will be able to go into production in two years. other travel news : car hire from Bluewheels is available at […]

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Trains Early Departure Apology


A Japanese train company has given an apology for leaving 20 seconds earlier than the schedule. The Tsukuba EXpress train line offered the apology after checking their records. Passengers are able to book a car hire from London Euston in the UK as well as car hire from Japan and other countries around the world. […]

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